About Us

Gordon, Gordon & Co., the firm, was founded in 1975, with Sir Keith Gordon – Senior Partner who passed away in 2003 at age 97. The firm is a successor firm to one of the oldest law firms in St. Lucia. In its original form, as GORDON, SALLES-MIQUELLE, MATHURIN & Co., it was established in the early 1950’s. After the death of Mathurin, the firm re-established itself with new Partners and Associates as GORDON, SALLES-MIQUELLE, McNAMARA & Co., which later became GORDON, McNAMARA & Co. and is now GORDON, GORDON &Co.

GORDON, GORDON & Co., is a full service law firm which has attained the reputation of quick, efficient
and quality providers in legal and professional services both locally and internationally.

Our aim is to provide cost effective and high-quality service.

We have a working team of lawyers and paralegals of different specializations. We are able to delegate aspects of work to the most appropriate level of seniority.

We afford our clients the opportunity to budget for legal expenses, and stand ready to explain in advance the basis on which we charge.